Vivien Event Designer

CAST Software

Project Brief

LiquidSky is capable of running any application that runs on Windows and can stream that application to any device with ultra low latency. For legacy applications that have been built solely for Windows, it can be costly to rebuild it for all the different screens and devices that exist today.

About Cast Software

Starting in 1994 CAST Software has been in the business of building CAD software for the events and lighting industry that allow people to be more creative with their technology. One of their most popular products is “Vivien” which allows event planners to create 3D renderings of event spaces to share with their clients and vendors.

The Challenge

As successful as the technology is with countless awards, there have been advancements in mobile technology and an increase demand from users for cross-device compatibility with ease of use. Current customers must invest in expensive hardware to run the applications and is seen as a barrier to entry for purchasing “Vivien.” Given that their software was designed for Windows, there’s a high cost to rebuild from scratch; CAST decided to seek alternative solutions to give their customers a great product experience across any device without sacrificing ease of use, security, and functionality.

The Solution

CAST partnered with LiquidSky to stream a fully functional Vivien software experience. This allowed CAST to transition from a legacy licensing model to a more profitable SaaS and recurring revenue model. CAST is now able to expand its market share by not being limited to customers with Windows devices. Customers no longer have to upgrade to a powerful Windows device, but can use whatever device they have and access their event designs on the go and when meeting with clients.

Vivien is now ripe to aggressively grow their market share in the CAD space and grow revenues.

The Benefits

LiquidSky enables security, seamless updates, guaranteed compatibility, and instant access from any device by streaming Vivien from the cloud.


By keeping all Vivien source code in the cloud, the source code is never exposed, protecting it from being cracked. The end result is a simple interactive video for each user.

Seamless Updates

Push one single update to a cloud image of Vivien and all users worldwide will receive it.

Guaranteed Compatibility

LiquidSky makes Vivien compatible for all devices. No more worrying about the minimum requirements to run software.

Instant Access

Dual booting or installing complicated virtualization software (Parallels, Bootcamp, etc…) are no longer necessary.