LiquidSky Gaming

LiquidSky Software, Inc.

Project Brief

LiquidSky is capable of running the latest AAA Windows games, with the ability to stream it in full HD, 120FPS, and with ultra low latency. For gamers who want to play the latest titles, LiquidSky provides the ability to do just that - allowing for users to avoid the expensive cost of purchasing hardware that would allow for such gameplay.

About LiquidSky Gaming

Started in a college dorm room in 2015, Ian McLoughlin realized the issues that came with running 3D modeling programs (CAD) on his college computer. Without the availability and money to build a powerful computer, a solution was needed. As a Call of Duty fan for years, Ian saw an interesting opportunity to not only create a solution for his work but also for gamers all over the world.

The Challenge

Capable as lab computers might be on campus - no student wants to spend hours in there completing their assignment. The hardware that is needed for CAD assignments and AAA gaming are similar but also, unfortunately, very expensive. When you’re trying to survive as a college student, buying a PC is usually out of the question. This is where the idea of LiquidSky stemmed from the ability to use a lightweight (thin) device that can perform both work functions and play the latest AAA games.

The Solution

Other cloud solutions existed to solve the problem mentioned in the challenge above. However, each came with their own share of pros and cons. The biggest issue that existed with them all was input latency. Any competitive gamer understands the necessity of split second reaction time when fragging their opponent. LiquidSky developed their own proprietary algorithm to provide what gamers want: sub-second latency with 60FPS and 1080p video. Couple that with an open catalogue of games - LiquidSky has provided gamers across the world with a great solution for their gaming needs.

The Benefits

LiquidSky enables gamers high quality video streaming, sub-second latency, open catalogue of games, and seamless updates.

High Quality Video Streaming

LiquidSky provides up to a 1080p, 120FPS video that can be streamed to any device with a good internet connection.

Sub-second Latency

LiquidSky’s proprietary algorithm gives games the ability to feel as if they are playing their game on their local device.

Open Catalogue

Unlike previous Cloud Gaming solutions, LiquidSky is the first platform that allows users to play any game that they want. Users can upload any copy of any game made for Windows to LiquidSky.

No Downloads

Play any game immediately without waiting hours for them to download.